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A Mi Vida

Each piece in this body of work sports my daughter’s features when she was 6. I got pregnant at 48 and gave birth a child we named Vida (Life). She has added to my life experience and fed my work in ways I never expected…



1997 – 2002
I feel my body populated by memories, impressions, beliefs, fears and desires. They are imprinted deeply, almost etched. They follow me, tormenting me, or sweetening my path.

At this stage of my life I wanted to summon their presence, thank them for being, and make peace with each of them. But I didn’t know how, until I saw a photograph of a Mexican statue from the Rockefeller Collection at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

We, The Colonized Ones

My parents were journalists who specialized in Peruvian history and popular culture. They instilled in me love for my heritage and an early understanding of how history works. Since I began working with clay my principal interest has