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In Philly galleries, three must-see shows for December

Frank feminism at Taller Puertorriqueño Kukuli Velarde, a Peruvian-born Philadelphia artist, is known primarily for her feminist ceramic reinterpretations of pre-Columbian sculptures. The recipient of a Pew Fellowship and a Guggenheim Fellowship, she is now having her first Philadelphia solo show of paintings, at Taller Puertorriqueno. “The Complicit Eye” features […]


On view through March 16, 2019 The Complicit Eye, Kukuli Velarde’s first major solo show of painting in the US, deconstructs ideals of female beauty from colonization to the local barrio. Velarde dissects the construction and consumption of beauty in Western culture, exposing the connections between beauty and violence. Through painting, […]

Kukuli Velarde’s Plunder Me, Baby

Reviewed by Christopher Michno Plunder Me, Baby—sounds like an invitation, but an invitation to what? There’s irony aplenty in that title and it leaves a sickening aftertaste, as it’s meant. Kukuli Velarde’s trenchant and caustically humorous ceramic sculptures fix within their sights the conquest—both cultural and corporeal—of Latin America. This […]


La obra de Kukuli Velarde es profundamente personal, no porque se componga de claves subjetivas e indescibrables, más bien al contrario: como la de cualquier persona, la vida de un artista se compone de un bagaje que afecta y condiciona, o al menos influye, cada aspecto de su vida o […]

Vessels of protest

Peruvian Kukuli Velarde confronts racism with striking ceramics based on historical works. By ALICE THORSON The Kansas City Star Print :11/24/2013 Peruvian artist Kukuli Velarde is haunted by a childhood memory of her 16-year-old nanny,  Lorenza. “I don’t speak Quechua, ” Lorenza declared,  and tried to hide her accent and […]