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De Las Wak’as y Las Pachamamas

This series is a work in progress, including the draft below. La ubicuidad del dios cristiano es un privilegio europeo impuesto a través de la colonización. I’m an immigrant and American citizen born in Cusco, Perú, capital of the Inka Empire and later a strategic power center of the Spanish […]


CORPUS narrates the history of my country of origin, incorporating pre-Columbian and Colonial sensibilities by visually mimicking syncretism within a contemporary narrative. My concern with this issue coincides with the aesthetic and cultural decolonizing actions that are taking place now around the world. Colonization and coloniality have for centuries forced […]

A Mi Vida

Each piece in this body of work sports my daughter’s features when she was 6. I got pregnant at 48 and gave birth a child we named Vida (Life). She has added to my life experience and fed my work in ways I never expected…